Food Truck Fiesta

One of my favorite things about working downtown is the fact that I have so many options for lunch. When we lived in Kentucky we were in a rural area that required driving everywhere. While there was a small historic downtown, my office wasn’t in the heart of it. If I forgot my lunch or had a meeting I’d have to drive to a chain restaurant. Since moving to Tampa I’ve really enjoyed the opportunity to visit so many different locally owned places.

Once a month the City of Tampa hosts the Mayor’s Food Truck Fiesta at Lykes Gaslight Square Park right in the heart of the corporate downtown hustle and bustle. You can get anything your heart, or stomach, desires. From BBQ to seafood, Asian fusion to pizza… the options are endless and the best part- by purchasing from these vendors you’re not only supporting local businesses but you’re also seeing your city from a different point of view.


I decided to be a bit more adventurous and go for  the Asian fusion food truck, I Wanna Wok. And boy was I glad I did! Hands down the best decision. The staff was so patient with my gazillion questions and steered me in the right direction. Hence the yummy picture below of my delicious lunch.

I ended up going with the orange chicken woko tacos, white rice, and cinnamon sugar wonton chips. There simply are not enough positive adjectives in the world to describe the amazingness of this meal. The woko tacos are unlike anything I’ve had before. It’s the perfect blend of flavors with Asian slaw, tomatoes, sour cream, cheese and house sauce served on a grilled flour tortilla.

You can bet I’m a huge fan now and I’ll definitely be following them on social media to see where they will be set up next.  At the end of the day it doesn’t matter what you try; the atmosphere, sounds and smells are worth your adventure out of the office. Hope to see you next month downtown!

Until next time, stay curious friends!


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